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We work very hard for our customers because nothing pleases us more than helping our clients acheive the dream of affordable home ownership. We want to add you to our list of very satisfied customers.

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What Our Customers Say About Us

We care what our customers think of us and so should you. We are partners in your business and your success is ours.

Mr. Carter and Ms. Simmons went to a builder to purchase a home, however, Blackstar Mortgage was able to provide the clients with a better deal less than 24 hours after their builder visit! Although the builder tried to match our deal, they were just unable to do so. There were some challenges, but Blackstar Mortgage prevailed as usual and now Mr. Carter and Ms. Simmons are Homeowners AGAIN! Special thanks once again to the Realtor Ms. Chika Moma and Congratulations Aldaah and Myia!

Aldaah and Myia

CONGRATULATIONS TO CELEST LAMOTHE! FINALLY! We finally found the right house, along with the
right programs for this family! This was a three year journey but we made it to our destination together.
Special thanks to our Realtor Ms. Chika Moma; she Talked the Talk and Walked the Walk and made it to
the end with us! Chika was able to negotiate everything plus more! Brian, my Broker, put together the
quick financing with a great rate. With very few out of pocket expenses, I am now a HOME OWNER with
a legacy to pass down to my children!!! Thank you Blackstar Mortgage!!!


Celest Lamothe

To a pair of my favorite clients, Petey and Natalie Owen, the third time was the charm!!! As The Owen’s required a very specific property, their first two purchase attempts ended abruptly due to the Seller’s over charging for the properties! However the Owens stuck with it, and with the assistance of their WONDERFUL Realtor Corey Gutowski, they found the perfect property and are now HOME OWNERS! Financing was easy and now we just look forward to the House Warming Party and many enjoyable evenings riding their beautiful Horses! Congratulations once again!!!

The Owens

Congratulations to “Dymanica” Amos, a Playwright who relocated to Houston from New York City. Ms. Amos purchased her Dream Home through Blackstar Mortgage and received a GREAT RATE, fast closing, and excellent customer service on her New Home! A stickler for the numbers, Blackstar Mortgage was able to structure her loan EXACTLY the way she wanted it. It is ALWAYS about the NUMBERS! So CONGRATULATIONS “Dymanica”, and thank you for your business!!!

Dymanica Amos

Introducing the New Dream Home Owners, Mr. and Mrs. Gurnell. At the beginning of the file the hopeful clients challenged Blackstar Mortgage to secure their Down Payment and Closing Cost funds! Well Blackstar Mortgage went a step farther. Not only did Blackstar Mortgage secure the Down Payment and Closing Costs, we were able to secure a check at Closing for CASH BACK to assist with whatever they wanted or needed! Their Realtor, Mr. David Hawkins, pictured on the right, was also pivotal in assisting in Closing this file! So once again, my hat is off to the Gurnell’s and Blackstar Mortgage for another successful purchase and another HAPPY FAMILY!!!

Mr. and Mrs. Gurnell

CONGRATULATIONS to Ms. Mia Cazeau! Another proud home owner who purchased her home through Blackstar Mortgage! Ms. Cazeau came to us with a perfect file, great credit, great income and a great personality! And in return Blackstar Mortgage was able to provide Ms. Cazeau and her boys with a GREAT RATE, low closing costs and the keys to her Dream Home. As we always say, and you too can get the keys to your Dream Home with Blackstar Mortgage! Just give us a call and we can put you on the road to HOME OWNERSHIP!!!

Mia Cazeau

There is no better way to begin the New Year other than with a NEW HOME! For more than six months Ms. Williams has tried to purchase her Dream Home without any luck whatsoever until she was introduced to Brian Howell of Blackstar Mortgage. Within an hour Mr. Howell was able to approve Ms. Williams for her loan and begin the process. Now, Ms. Williams is a proud HOME OWNER;so CONGRATULATIONS are in order. Just as Ms. Williams was approved by Brian Howell of Blackstar Mortgage and was able to purchase her home, you can as well. Thank you!!!

Ms. Williams

Thanks again to the WONDERFUL, FABULOUS 100% FINANCING PROGRAM that #COMPANY_NAME# has another, family that purchased their Dream Home just in time to have their BEST CHRISTMAS PRESENT EVER! Merry Christmas to the Soto's with 100% FINANCING!!! We did it for the Soto's and we can do it for you too. Just call Brian Howell at #COMPANY_NAME#, 832.767.9375 and we can get your keys too!!!


WELCOME TO THE RANKS OF THE HOME OWNERS!!! Ms. Xiomara Ware, our newest HOME OWNER closed today. She received an EXCELLENT DEAL, a very low rate and tons of equity in the home! Due to the Client’s work schedule, securing documents and speaking with the client was a little challenging but as usual Blackstar Mortgage and Brian Howell rose to the occasion and made it happen!!! As it is our goal to please the client, the picture below should say it all!!! CONGRATULATIONS!!!

xiomara ware

Xiomara Ware

Brian Howell with Blackstar Mortgage held my hand the entire way. He walked me through the entire lending process which allowed me to actually enjoy my first home buying experience. He was a true advocate and helped me save a little money in the end too! Mr. Howell is tireless and loves what he does which makes all the difference. I highly recommend Brian and Blackstar Mortgage!

ogadinma obie

Ogadinma Obie

Fast and Simple is the phrase of the day for Mr. Robert Ardie. Today he obtained his keys to his new Dream Home! Blackstar Mortgage was able to secure Mr. Ardie’s keys with minimum effort from the client, maximum effort from Brian Howell always equal a maximum positive outcome for the client!

I just wanted to tell anyone who’s looking for a house that they need to look no further! Brian Howell is the guy! He made my experience very simple and stress-free! Thanks for everything Brian!!!

(Mr. Robert Ardie, center, his wife Mrs. Cassandra Ardie, to his left and on his right, his Realtor Sandra Davidson.)


Robert Ardie

CONGRATULATIONS to Ms. Tolu Bankole! After vacillating on several different homes, she finally settled
on the perfect home for her and the family; and I gave her the perfect loan to seal the deal! With this
Ms. Bankole was able to secure her keys through Blackstar Mortgage. As her favorite Loan Officer I even
visited the homes that she was considering with her and her Realtor Ms. Latasha Campbell to support
the client on her purchase. Call Blackstar Mortgage and you can secure your Keys to your Dream Home

Tolu Bankole

Tolu Bankole

Congratulations to one of my favorite clients, Ms. Desirae Price, who allowed me the pleasure to be a part of her first home purchase. She was hands on and participated in the process just as I love my customers to do because the more you learn/know, a better home owner you will be. Just as the sign reads in the picture, she financed her home through Blackstar Mortgage and now she has the keys to HER Dream Home!!! Call me and you can do the same!
jerry moma

Desirae Price

Let’s all say CONGRATULATIONS to our newest home owner Mr. Jerry Moma! Assisted by his realtor/sister Ms. Chika Moma, on the left, Mr. Moma secured the PERFECT HOME at the PERFECT TIME with the PERFECT LOAN and the PERFECT INTEREST RATE from Blackstar Mortgage!!! Mr. Moma secured the LOWEST INTEREST RATE of any of our clients this year!!! So if you want to secure your Dream Home as well as your Dream Interest Rate, give us a call, 832.767.9375 and we can help you secure the keys to your New Dream Home as well.
jerry moma

Jerry Moma

YES, WE HAVE OUR KEYS!!! If it wasn’t for Brian Howell and Blackstar Mortgage we would not be home owners today! But Brian came through for us. The process was smooth, he was hands on, answered all of our questions, kept us informed and was always accessible to us when we needed him. Thank you Brian, you are really the best. If you are looking to purchase a home, you should call Brian Howell and he can get you your keys too!!!

Daniel Selexman and Family

CONGRATULATIONS to Ms. Connie Mitchell, our newest First Time Home Owner!!! I was able to secure Ms. Mitchell’s Down Payment and an Interest Rate “Credit” lowering her base rate by 1.75% to under 3%!!! And she was out of pocket only approximately $3,000.00 including her appraisal, survey, earnest and option funds. It took Ms. Gwendolyn Charles, her Realtor and I sometime but we got it done!!! Congratulations again to Ms. Connie Mitchell, Blackstar Mortgage was able to secure her Keys and we can do the same for you!!!
Miss Connie Mitchel

Connie Mitchell

CONGRATULATIONS to Ms. Gloria Smith, proud recipient of her HOME KEYS through the diligent and hard work of Brian Howell and Blackstar Mortgage. Brian was able to secure a GRANT OF $30,000.00 for Ms. Smith from the City of Houston to cover her Down Payment and Closing Costs! Now she is a proud homeowner with a stake in her community and an asset that she can pass down to her children and grandchildren! Ms. Smith NOW HAS HER HOME KEYS and you can get yours too, just call Brian Howell at Blackstar Mortgage today!!!Gloria Smith

Ms. Gloria Smith

Brian Howell of Blackstar Mortgage was great in helping us achieve the goal of owning our home. Brian and his team were very knowledgeable and helped walk us through the process. Brian and his team maintained continuous communication to ensure a seamless transaction during closing. I would definitely recommend Brian to anyone looking to purchase a home!

Mr. Lawalden Pettaway

THANK YOU BRIAN! Brian Howell and Blackstar Mortgage refinanced my high interest home loan, which allowed me to pay off my high interest debts, and allowed me to save even more money on my new much lower interest rate. If you are looking for a personable, professional and fast mortgage company, look for further, Brian Howell and Blackstar Mortgage is your BEST BET!


Ms. Stacy Dooley

Brian was great in helping us achieve the goal of owning our home.Brian and his team were very knowledgeable and helped walk us through the process. Brian and his team maintained continuous communication to ensure a seamless transaction during closing.I would definitely recommend Brian to anyone looking to purchase a home!

Lawalden Pettaway

As a Title Professional I became aware of Brian Howell and Blackstar Mortgage because he was always in our office closing his files. I liked his personality, his business savvy and the attention that he gave to his clients so when it was my time to purchase my home I decided to use Brian as well. Brian did not disappoint me, he was just as he seemed, actually better! He was always available to me and he provided me with the PERFECT loan for my needs. He Closed on time, provided me with a GREAT interest rate and even secured my Down Payment for me! I got my home keys with Blackstar Mortgage!!!

Angelita Negrette

Brian was just PERFECT! He helped me cut through all of the legalese of my refinance and he simplified the process for me. I was able to pull out all of the money that I needed and he gave me the best interest rate that was available, and most importantly he worked with me on MY SCHEDULE! I could not have asked for anything more from my Loan Officer or Lender. I have recommended Brian Howell to all of my friends and family and I recommend Brian and Blackstar Mortgage LLC to you as well. He was definitely my guiding light HOME!

Anita Adams

Wow is all I can say!!! It’s been a long time coming but God says good things come to those who wait!!! We are officially proud owners of a New Home!!! I would like to give a huge shout out to our Realtor Cassandra Magee and Brian Howell (BlackStar Mortgage) for doing such an amazing job and not leaving any stone unturned!! We know this was a lengthy process and you all gave us nothing but the best!!! We are beyond grateful Thank you so much!!! We are so blessed to have had such an amazing team!!!

Chrystal & Devondrick Willis

I looked for just the right Mortgage Company and Loan Officer for more than a year until I was referred to Brian Howell. Brian refinanced me out of the horrible high interest rate loan that I had and gave me a VERY LOW INTEREST RATE on my NEW 30 YEAR MORTGAGE where everyone else said that it could not be done! Brian made it super easy for me because we did everything over the internet, and when I was too busy working Brian came to my office to have me sign documents and to pick up documentation. He was easy to work with, honest, gave me the attention that I needed (with my multiple questions), he worked early hours and late hours for me so that we could get the deal done. He even referred clients to me! I recommend Brian Howell for anyone who needs any type of Mortgage, REFINANCE or PURCHASE, Brian is the BEST!!!

Angela Johnson
Nails by Angela

I am in my THIRD HOME all because of the patience and programs that Brian Howell has used to help me achieve my Dream Homes! He did it for me and he can do the same for you!!!

Sonya Forte Howell


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